A Theory Leader is a person or organization attributed with the quality of “thought leadership.” Thought leadership is influencing an unfolding story by learning what must be done next. The leader’s role is as the protagonist in the unfolding story. This type of leadership requires the development of leadership skills and a vision for the organization. The purpose of theory leadership is to guide and influence change.

In a traditional organization, one who presents this concept of thought leadership will play a vital role in building credibility and trust. The individual serves as a link between the larger community, stakeholders and target audiences. He or she can do this by building credibility and trust by listening carefully to their concerns and needs and then synthesizing that information into a meaningful suggestion. Another person can serve as a channel connecting thought leaders and target audiences by taking on an advisory role. He or she communicates the message from the perspective of the thought leader without actually having been thought leader.

The thought leadership process begins by defining and articulating a need or challenge in the community. Once identified, an action plan must be developed. The action plan must be developed by utilizing the resources available to the thought leader. These resources may come from other stakeholders such as other leaders within the organization, other social media professionals such as bloggers, online content publishers and non-profit organizations and other external sources such as non-profits, government agencies and think tanks. As a thought leader, your action plan is to “start talking” to your audience.

A key aspect to what is thought leadership is listening. By “listening,” it is meant engaging others by clearly communicating with them the essence of your idea. Through this, you are able to gain valuable insights from them and incorporate them into your plan. Through listening and taking on board what is being said, you are able to provide new ideas and concepts that will help advance your cause.

There are several ways thought leadership can contribute to your career. In addition to gaining credibility, you also gain respect. Additionally, thought leaders are respected by their peers and superiors. Those who have attained high levels in their profession, are considered experts. Thus, it is easy to find employment opportunities where there will be a good balance between your experience and the credibility you have built up.

Marketing is a business of building a brand. It’s not just about creating a product but rather, it’s all about building a brand. As a thought leader, you will be an asset in marketing strategy because you can use what is thought leadership content to promote your brand. However, your brand is not only limited to the products and services you create but also, it extends to your reputation in the industry. Your brand is an intangible asset that you want others to know about – this includes your company, your employees, your customers and your industry.

When you use thought leadership in your marketing strategy, you are also setting a precedent for others to follow. You will get the opportunity to demonstrate that you can be successful with what is thought leadership content as well as show that others can achieve success. This will set a good example for other people who may be thinking about what is the brand, what is needed and how to get started. In addition to boosting your career, you will also be able to achieve financial security.

Think of what is thought leadership content as a strong foundation that can be built on. Once you have a solid foundation, it is easy to add more value to your customer’s lives. In addition to your current position, you might consider starting a new online venture or other business that will further your goals. This is a great way to not only enhance your current salary but to further your goals while building a strong foundation.