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February 2020

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Now, What About Your Brilliant Career?

Women Up! Your 2-day personal and career development course – Book now

Thanks to funding from The Education and Training Foundation  we are offering our new “Women Up” course to help you build on what you achieved last year and develop leadership presence and the boldness and courage to be your authentic self as a leader.

Choose from:

  • London on 7 February and 17 March 2020 or
  • Birmingham on 10 and 24 March 2020

What’s Women Up?

Aimed at women middle managers and practitioners on the career ladder to senior and executive leadership, this is a practical course in which you will find solutions and strategies to help you get where you want to be. This is a rare and precious opportunity to take time out to think about yourself, your aspirations, your ambitions for progressing your career, and how you can become the kind of leader you want to be.

Working in a safe space, this interactive course will provide you with the opportunity to recognise and own your uniqueness, to rehearse and practice a personal narrative about who you are and what you offer, and to be able to hold powerful conversations about your personal and professional ambitions and aspirations.

From senior women role models who will share their personal journeys to success and leadership to become part of a network of support, you’ll learn how to deal with self-doubt, develop strategies for wellbeing, and find out about other professional development opportunities you can pursue.

Book your place now on the ETF website and make 2020 your year to break through

Already in your CEO/Principal/Head of Service or other senior leadership role or can’t make the date/s? We bet you know someone Women Up! would be perfect for. Why not tell them about it with a note saying why you think it would suit them? Your confidence in them might be all she needs to take the next step in her/their career development and break through into leadership.

Download the flyer Pass it forward.

Our latest blog

Kathryn James reflects on what women bring to leadership. Here’s a sneak peak:

“…whether now that 52% of senior leaders across the sector are women,  this should be the time to shape leadership in the sector to be the kind of leaders we want to be and to lead the kind of change we want to see. Could that leadership style be borne from empathy with women leaders’ struggle, determination and generosity?…”   Read more


We want you to get involved and support #GenderEquality #WomensLeadership in #FESkillsLifelongLearning. Here’s some of what we can offer?

How about you? What would you like to offer? What would you like others to share and contribute?