11 Feb ‘Women on the Move’ report

Sally Dicketts, chair of the Women’s Leadership Network, will launch the Women on the Move report at the annual WLN conference in Westminster on 17 June.

Over the past two years Hilary Stone and Judith Williams have been researching into the transitions women leaders, age 50 to 70, make towards the end of their full time careers. The aim of the research was to find out how women leaders address key stages in their career journeys to fulfil their potential and enjoy life.

The report is packed with stories of courageous journeys and a whole range of ideas on how to adjust to, and enjoy later career stages and retirement.


Key findings:

  • women leaders tend towards seizing opportunities than planning their careers
  •  senior women leaders in further education are highly qualified
  • women leaders recognise the importance of financial planning but a significant proportion are unsure they have adequate pensions for the future
  • women leaders value, and gain from access to coaching, mentoring and financial advice at key stages of their career transitions, whether changing jobs, becoming self-employed or retiring
  • gender discrimination in the workplace continues to be an issue for some aspiring women
  • retired or semi-retired women leaders enjoy a portfolio of skills and activities – retirement is not what it used to be!
  • an overwhelming majority of our respondents continue to engage in professional and personal development- learning goes on after retirement…


The Women on the Move Report was written by Hilary Stone and Judith Williams, following their research on behalf of the Women’s Leadership Network. The full report can be downloaded here  Women on the Move report

Information about the authors:

Hilary Stone 


Hilary Stone worked in the education sector for 36 years. She began her career teaching in schools. She held leadership roles in FE Colleges and the Further Education National Training Organisation, in Birmingham, London and Oxford.

Since retiring from full-time work in 2008, she has held interim roles as Chief Operating Officer for Standards Verification UK, and in other educational institutions facilitating organisational development.

Her research publications include Mentoring towards Excellence(2001), Leading Multi-Faith Teams in the Learning and Skills Sector(2009) which gained an award from the Learning and Skills Improvement Service for research impact on leadership development and thinking, and Professional Development Solutions for Support Staff (2011).

Hilary is a qualified coach and works with leaders towards realising their full potential. She facilitates leadership team development for charities and churches. She is a member of the Women’s Leadership Network Forum, and a charity trustee.

She loves swimming in the sea and the arts, especially film and theatre.

Judith Williams


Currently, Judith’s professional activities include coaching senior managers in the further and adult education sector. She is also undertaking the role of National Leader of Governance (NLG) on behalf of the AoC Governance Unit. Judith became self-employed in March 2005. Her main areas of work have been coaching individuals, facilitating action learning sets, in education and charity settings and providing consultancy in a range of areas including evaluation, management training and improving performance.

Prior to consultancy, Judith worked in the further and adult education sector as the Chief Education Officer for Offender Learning and Deputy Director of the Street Crime Unit in the Home Office. She was a practitioner in various London colleges of further education.

Presently, she sits on the Advisory Board of the Rosetta Arts Centre and on a Further Education College Board as Vice-Chair. Judith loves swimming outdoors, making pottery and enjoying visual art.