06 Sep WLN Mentoring Programme

Kathryn James heads up our mentoring and coaching programme at the Women’s Leadership Network. She is passionate about helping women succeed in their careers whatever sector they work in. She explains a bit more about how coaching and mentoring can help you in your career, and the WLN can support you in this blog post:

How can coaching and mentoring help you?

For aspiring leaders and indeed anyone looking to develop and flourish personally and professionally, engaging a coach or mentor can be a transformational step for the next stage in your career. Even the most senior and successful business leader can benefit from the support of a coach or mentor because working with someone outside your organisation or even sector often brings a fresh perspective and enables you to see your opportunities and challenges in a new way.

By unlocking your potential both coaching and mentoring can enable you to achieve the next step in your development.

A coach or mentor will enable you to:

  • Explore and understand your motivations, goals, skills and thought processes. A deeper understanding of yourself and your current skills and qualities will help you identify areas for development.
  • Identify solutions and clear actions to achieve your aims, whether through training, experience, networking or developing additional interests, you can create a plan and timeframe for working towards your goals.

Not sure what’s right for you? What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Both Coaching and mentoring are supportive and non-judgemental relationships that place you and your development at the centre.

Although coaching and mentoring use the same skills there is a difference between the two.

Mentoring tends to focus on career development and takes place when you need advice, guidance or support. The mentor is usually more experienced and qualified than you and can pass on knowledge, experience and open doors to other contacts and networks.

Coaching generally focusses on specific development areas or issues. A coach would not necessarily have experience in the same line of work as you but can help you focus on achieving specific goals, on becoming more self-aware and to improve behavioural performance.

What mentoring and coaching support can the Women’s Leadership Network offer you?

As part of your membership offer you are entitled to a free mentoring or coaching session.  Your personal needs will be matched with the right coach or mentor.

How do I choose the right coach or mentor for me?

  1. Think about what you want help and support with – is it a mentor you can turn to every now and then for advice and guidance about your work or career, or is it a coach who will help you think through specific issues to do with your personal and professional performance?
  2. Look at our list of coach and mentors and what they offer – does their experience and expertise match what you are looking for and does their location and preferred method suit you?
  3. Contact the WLN with your contact details and your preferred choice of mentor or coach.
  4. The WLN will contact the coach or mentor and facilitate arrangements for your first session.