01 Sep Male Champions of Change

We recently invited business and community leaders from across the UK to the House of Commons to discuss the launch a Male Champions for Change initiative in the UK.

Maria Miller MP, Chair of the Women and Equalities Select Committee and Stephen Fitzgerald, former Chair, Goldman Sachs Australia and founder member of the Australian Male Champions for Change Initiative led the discussions.

Sally Dicketts, Chair of the Women’s Leadership Network said.

“Gender equality is still far from a reality in the UK. We must positively transform UK workplaces, from the shop floor to the boardroom to create a world where our daughters have the same opportunities as our sons. Until this is a reality we cannot truly say that the UK is a modern and fair place to do business.”

Maria Miller MP commented:

“The Male Champions for Change strategy has been transformative in Australia and I am keen to see how we can adopt this strategy to bring real meaningful change for the good of employees and workplaces across the UK.”

Stephen Fitzgerald added

“The Male Champions of Change strategy is about male leaders advocating for and acting to advance gender equality. In most nations, men still largely occupy the seats of power.  We therefore need them to step up, alongside women to challenge the status quo.”

If you would like to get involved please get in touch.

Women’s Leadership Network

The WLN is a membership-based network that drives forward the gender equality agenda in the UK and supports all under-represented groups in leadership, management and governance in the education and training sector and beyond.

Male Champions for Change

A Global initiative founded in Australia, Male Champions of Change involves men of power and influence forming a high profile coalition to achieve change on gender equality issues in organisations and communities.  Involving the chiefs of Deloittes, Quantas, Goldman Sachs, Rio Tinto, KPMG and the University of Sydney to name a few, this federation is a force for change.