Women On Boards Workshops

Join the Women’s Leadership Network for a day of inspiration and discovery!

Colleges nationally are looking for women just like you to join their boards and help guide their future. You could have the opportunity to make a difference to the future education of the UKs young people.

Join us for a free workshop to discover how you can benefit professionally and personally from joining a college board. Also discover how your current skills and experience can help you make the next step in your career and further develop your leadership skills.

Women on Boards morning session will be an interactive session designed to enable you to discover how your skills and experience can help you make the next step in your career. This session is aimed at women who are not currently serving on boards and are interested in the career development opportunity, either now or in the future

Women on Boards afternoon session will examine why diversity of board membership is important and why the current situation needs to change. You will hear first hand from successful female chairs of audit and finance committees.

You can attend a single session or the full day’s programme.

The speakers:

Pauline Odulinski OBE
Director & Visiting Professor, Buckingham New University. Former Principal Aylesbury College.

Dan Godsall
Founder WOMBA, former Managing Director Barclays UK

Jo Matthews
Founder /Director Soil and Soul UK Ltd, Executive Coaching for Responsible Leadership and Governance. Former Chair of City of Bristol College.

London: 18th October 2017, West London College Hammersmith
Birmingham: 9th November 2017, Fircroft College

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Morning Agenda

9:00am – Refreshments and registration

9:30am – Welcome and opening thoughts
Pauline Odulinski OBE, Director of WLN

• Welcome and introduction
• Intended aims for the day and outcomes
• The need for change, the mix of education and business – the opportunities this brings to the richness of boards
• The importance of diversity of boards
• Personal reflection from experience

This session will be interactive with contributions from delegates.

10.00am – Getting Started on your NED Career
Dan Godsall, Founder of WOMBA

An interactive session that will help participants consider their passion and motivation for non executive role, and help them unearth their hidden talents that make them stand out from the crowd. The session will also explore strategies for and building confidence and effectiveness at the start of a first board appointment.

11.00am – Short Break

11.10am – What is it like to be a woman non-executive director?
Jo Matthews, Governance Associate, ETF

Using personal stories and experiences, this session will explore how rewarding, and sometimes challenging it can be when joining a board. Stories that illustrate how you can flourish in all aspects of your life through becoming a non-executive director. How your point of view and voice can have real impact on the lives of others, and challenge cultural and social assumptions about the future.

12:10pm – Evaluation and What Next?

12:30pm – Lunch will be provided for those staying all day and attending both workshops

Afternoon Agenda

1:15pm – Welcome and opening thoughts
Pauline Odulinski OBE, Director of WLN

1:30pm – Why is it important to have women undertaking specialist roles in governance working on either finance or audit committees?
Pauline Odulinski OBE, Director of WLN

• A brief interactive exploration of why Colleges are recruiting talented managers from a wide range of backgrounds both from inside the sector and from outside business and onto business boards.
• How can it improve my own personal development and help my career progression?

2:00 pm – Board Diversity and Why it Matters
Dan Godsall, Founder of WOMBA

An interactive session where delegates will review the current make up of college boards and discuss the importance and benefits of increasing diversity. Delegates will also consider how unconscious bias affects board performance, and how to positively contribute to a board to reduce the impact of unconscious bias.

3:00pm – Short Break

3:10pm – What is it like to Chair an audit or finance committee in practice?
Jo Matthews, Governance Associate, ETF

Some real stories from experience, sharing experience.

• What do I bring?
• How can I help to feel valued and participate in a way that is valuable to the organisation?

4:10pm – Feedback and next steps
Pauline Odulinski , Director of WLN

• WLN’s support for you
• Leadership development
• Career development
• Ambition for board membership? What next?
• The stepping stones: College Boards to NED roles

4:30pm – Close


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