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CPD Bursary

CPD Bursary Support Programme

WLN are working with The Education Training Foundation to enable people from under represented groups to access CPD programmes. Please read the information below to check eligibility and use the link to the application form at the bottom to apply.

The bursary is available on a first-come-first-served basis and is only initially available for a limited time.

Who is eligible?

The target audience is people from under-represented groups. This can be defined by gender, ethnicity, sexuality, disability or any other barrier to participation that has led an individual to struggle to access CPD.

What will it provide?

Our aim is not to be too prescriptive in order to provide the access needed. Typically, bursaries are available for :-

  • Travel (and possibly subsistence too)
  • To cover the cost of taking part and this may cover a variety of things including support for childcare whilst participating (capped at an agreed level).
  • To cover CPD fees
  • The potential for a ‘mix and match’ of the above these offers

The cap for an individual will normally be £250 per person although some flexibility is available for special circumstances.

How will I get the support?

Support can be provided by submission of the cost of the support e.g train ticket cost. WLN can also book and pay for your ticket and provide you with it in a timely manner, if this better suits your needs.

We can, if you prefer, reimburse your expenses through the submission of an invoice.

We are happy to discuss an arrangement to suit your individual needs.

How do I apply?

To apply, fill out the application form linked below. Your application will be responded to within five working days (unless needed more quickly)